Company History

Through a series of acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations, and formation of new companies, CymSTAR’s evolutionary legacy is rooted in Burton & Rodgers, a pioneering Tulsa simulation supplier formed in 1955. Our core staff has been working together since 1983 on a variety of engineering and contractor service projects.

Prior to 2003, CymSTAR’s core staff worked at the US division of Thales Training & Simulation.



CymSTAR is established in June 2003 with two (2) employees and is awarded a contract to update the After Action Review (AAR) system on the KC-135 Operational Flight Trainers (OFT).  By the end of 2003, the staff will grow to four (4) employees.



CymSTAR is awarded three (3) contracts to upgrade the KC-10 Weapons Systems Trainers (WST) and Boom Operator Trainers (BOT), and to perform an engineering study on the Mexican Air Force (MAF) F-5 OFT.  CymSTAR grows to six (6) employees.



CymSTAR is awarded contracts to upgrade the KC-135 and C-5 trainers, and to perform the KC-10 Issue Resolution Phase I thru Phase III contracts.  CymSTAR grows to twelve (12) employees.



CymSTAR is awarded $2,302,000 in contracts to develop the BADGER, an AK-47 live fire simulator replacement for the USMC Small Arms Gunfire Simulator (SAGUNS), as well as additional upgrades for the KC-10 and RC-135 trainers.  CymSTAR grows to 17 employees.



CymSTAR is awarded the USMC Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) Obsolescence and Supportability Upgrade for 12 Maintenance Training Devices (MTD).  With additional KC-135, KC-10, and RC-135 upgrades, CymSTAR grows to 25 employees.

CymSTAR Services is established to provide cost-effective Training System (TS) support to include Contractor Logistics Services (CLS) and Training Systems Support Center (TSSC) management and operations.



CymSTAR is awarded contracts to upgrade the C-130 Landing Gear Trainers (LGT), along with RC-135 landing gear modifications, additional BADGERs, and the KC-135 Special Operations Air Refueling (SOAR) Cockpit Upgrade.  CymSTAR grows to 28 employees.

CymSTAR Services teams with Raytheon Technical Services Company (RTSC) on the US Army WarFighter FOCUS (WFF) Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) Contract and is awarded CLS subcontracts to support the National Training Center (NTC) and Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at Ft. Irwin CA and Ft. Polk LA.  CymSTAR Services grows to 58 employees.



CymSTAR is awarded $13,411,000 in contracts that include the I/O System Replacement (IOSR) and the Pod Scrape Upgrades for the KC-135 Aircrew Training System (ATS), C-5 Air Refueling Part Task Trainer (ARPTT) Rehost and Electric Control Loading (ECL) Upgrades, C-5 Combined Avionics System Trainer (CAST) Rehost, C-5 Integrated System Trainer (IST) TCTO 552 Modification, and the C-5 Electrical System Trainer (EST) Emergency Power System Upgrade (ESPU).   CymSTAR is also awarded the UH-60 MEDEVAC upgrade under the WFF ID/IQ and awarded more BADGERs.  CymSTAR wins a slot on the US Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEOSTRI) Omnibus Contract (STOC-II) ID/IQ.  CymSTAR grows to 42 employees.  CymSTAR Services grows to 85 employees.



CymSTAR is awarded the KC-135 Boom Operator Weapons Systems Trainer (BOWST) to develop nine (9) new training systems.  CymSTAR is awarded the AV-8B Maintenance Training Device (MTD) Operational Flight Program (OFP) Upgrades for three (3) distinct training devices.  CymSTAR is contracted to upgrade the Special Operations Forces (SOF) A/MH-6 “Little Bird” Light Assault/Attack Reconfigurable (LASAR) Combat Mission Simulator (CMS) at Ft. Campbell KY.  CymSTAR is contracted to upgrade several C-5 MTDs to include the Fuel Systems Trainer (FST) Upgrade, the Consolidated Load Panel (CLP) Upgrade, and the Malfunction Detection Analysis and Recording Systems (MADARS) Upgrades.  CymSTAR sells more BADGERs to the USMC.  CymSTAR grows to 60 employees.  CymSTAR Services grows to 90 employees.



CymSTAR upgrades the KC-10 Vertical Speed Wheel (VSW) on WSTs and FTDs at McGuire AFB NJ and Travis AFB CA, performs more AV-8B MTD OFP Updates, more KC-135 IOSRs, and the C-5 ARPTT Model M Upgrades.  CymSTAR sells two (2) more BADGERs for the USMC training site in Okinawa.  CymSTAR grows to 57 employees.  CymSTAR Services grows to 87 employees.



CymSTAR Services is awarded the A-10 Aircrew Training System (ATS) and staffs CLS and TSSC personnel at 11 CONUS and OCONUS sites.  CymSTAR Services teams with L-3 Link Simulation & Training for the F-16 Training System (TS) contract and is awarded a subcontract to provide CLS and TSCC personnel at Hill AFB UT and Tucson, AZ. CymSTAR Services grows to 128 employees.

CymSTAR is awarded a contract to upgrade the KC-135 OFT Motion Control Loading System (MCLS) Digital Remote Interface (DRI).  CymSTAR replaces the relay racks on KC-10 FTDs.  CymSTAR sells 12 more BADGERs bringing the total sold to date at 58.  CymSTAR grows to 79 employees.