US Marine Corps AV-8B Operational Flight Program (OFP) Upgrades

CymSTAR modified and fully emulated aircraft systems on the 11H94 Avionics, 11H95 Electrical, and 11H98 Armament Maintenance Training Devices (MTD).

The AV-8B Harrier II is a vertical/short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) fixed wing aircraft for light ground attacks or multi-role tasks. Our AV-8B Program Manager (PM) solely directed the Systems Engineering Integrated Product Team (SE-IPT) to perform the following:

  • Iteratively analyze, decompose, and allocate 327 system, subsystem, and component requirements, documented within a bi-directional Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM);
  • Collaborate in a Program Management Integrated Project Team (PM-IPT) Risk Working Group (RWG) with Government representation to perform additional risk assessment and identification;
  • Design, test, and implement mechanical, electrical, and software modifications to the Host Computer and Instructor Operator Station (IOS);
  • Ensure the design simulated actual, concurrent aircraft operation and representation relative to avionics location, cockpit operation, cabling and wiring bundles, and electrical current flow;
  • Fully incorporate the “free-play” troubleshooting concept in each device for Organizational, Intermediate, and Depot levels of maintenance;
  • Perform H4.X, H5.X, and H6.X Operational Flight Program (OFP) upgrades via Class I Engineering Change Proposals (ECP);
  • Modify the 11H94 Avionics MTD to replace a power supply and power distribution system for the ALE 47/ALE-39 Chaff/Flare Dispense System;
  • Execute rigorous systems engineering processes to identify, assess, and resolve undiscovered deficiencies (DR) resident on each trainer without impacting the delivery schedule; and
  • Document our designs by updating or submitting all Government-required CDRLs.

Because of CymSTAR’s effectual systems engineering approach, the Government only required a combined Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and Critical Design Review (CDR).


CymSTAR delivered all contractual requirements several weeks ahead of schedule.